Locally Raised Grass Fed Beef from Our Farm to Your Table

Muenster Grass Fed Cows Grazing Lush Pasture
Welcome to Muenster Grass Fed, your local North Texas and Dallas / Fort Worth source of grass fed beef calves.  We sell our live, grass fed calves directly to our customers and deliver them to Fischer's Meat Market in Muenster, TX for custom beef processing and subsequent pickup by our customers.  

Don't pay $10 or more per lb for supermarket grass fed beef.  Order a live calf today directly from the farmer and save.

This year we are offering 18 month old grass fed calves with prices ranging from $5.54-$6.31 per lb for take home meat based on the package.  Email Grant at  muenstergrassfed@outlook.com for details.

Only 1.25 calves remaining as of March 6, 2018.
Email soon!